I love many people, things, and concepts, including family, friends, Jesus, books, magazines, knowledge.

I learn about anything that strikes my fancy, including storytelling, writing, information science, current events, and Spanish in Mexico.

I read practically anything I can find. You should look at my Goodreads account to learn more about my varying reading tastes.

I knit hats, gloves, scarves, and maybe someday a sweater. (although this hasn’t happened on the regular since I started grad school: my post-graduation goal is to finally knit that sweater.) 2021 Update: hasn’t happened yet. 

I travel anywhere I can. So far my international travel includes Mexico, Venezuela, Scotland, and England. I hope to someday broaden those horizons.

I share about what I love, learn, read, knit, and travel. That’s the plan anyway.

I once was an assistant teacher of preschoolers with special needs.

I once was a bilingual children’s library associate at a regional library in the Midwest.

I am now a bilingual Youth Librarian at a medium-sized community library in the Midwest.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sarah, it’s me again…

    I’m wondering how you learned to do grant writing – was it part of your college education, or did you learn it from someone already doing it… or did you just strike out on your own?

    This is something I’ve considered doing, and I also love doing research and I’m not quite comfortable around strangers, as well 🙂

    From a fellow reader, knitter, reseacher, teacher, and traveler….

  2. Hello, Sarah.
    I stumbled on your blog as I was looking for first hand information about experiences at Roca Blanca Mission/language school. Would love to correspond, if you are able. Thank you!

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