Stress and Knitting

I’m a stress knitter.  Classes and people can become quite overwhelming.  I’m under a fair amount of stress.  Knitting and/or crocheting gives me a break from everything.  One class in particular this semester has caused me to start or contemplate starting approximately a jabillion projects.  Fortunately, that class will soon be over and I will never have to go through it (or other related aspects of that class) again. 

I made a hat recently.  I’m stressknitting a scarf to match it.

I’m still working on my Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf.  It’s coming.  I hope to finish it before winter.  We’ll see.

One thought on “Stress and Knitting

  1. I can relate – somewhere in life I left my knitting needles behind… but when I was your age I knit everything from mittens to sweaters to afghans…

    You’re 25 now and I’m the reverse, 52… I hope you don’t quit like I did 🙂

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