Missing Week

Well, I just lost about a week of my life to disease. Colds/sinus infections/head pressure is terrible.  I mean, it’s better than stomach flu (heaven forbid) but this particular sinus infection was horrendous.  I couldn’t breathe out my nose.  I had splitting ear pain.  I couldn’t hear quite well due to the pressure in my head.  From Saturday afternoon to Thursday morning I only left the house three times. Once to eat dinner, once to go to the library (to get books I couldn’t read because I was sick), and once to go to the doctor.  I was home, but I did hardly anything.  Because I couldn’t think. Brain cloud.  And I don’t really remember much of it.

I missed two days of work. And two classes. Class, I was not disappointed to miss. Work? I was so sad to not be at work.  I missed my students, my co-workers.  I love my job.

I  don’t like that I just missed a week of my life.  And I still feel crummy.  I need a better immune system.

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