Memory in the 21st Century

That title promises a fancy and intriguing appraisal of memory in this modern age. Alas, all it really means is that I have learned over the last few months that if I don’t email myself something, I might not remember it. I’ll be falling asleep and remember something I need to remember to bring to work the next day. The best way for me to actually remember the thing is to send myself an email. Seriously. I know I’ll glance at email before I go out the door in the morning. However, there is no guarantee that I will glance through my brain to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Thanks Gmail, for being there for me. You’re saving space on my desktop memory.

I could be a Google Chrome commercial.

Author: lakesidegirl

I am a bilingual children’s librarian at a medium-sized library in the Midwest. in the Children's Department of a Regional Library in the Midwest. I lived in Mexico to learn Spanish in 2013/2014. I care about a lot of things. I love. I learn. I teach. I read. I write. I knit. I travel.

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