I never thought that I would experience an earthquake in Oklahoma. As of an hour ago, I have now experienced THREE in the last year.
This time last year there was a little one that I felt because I was home sick. It was so small and short. I was sitting on the living room couch and thought my dog was wagging his tail into the couch. Except he hasn’t done that in a long time because he’s been dead since 2009. So, pretty small earthquake. Even so, I went TO THE INTERNET!

Last night I was housesitting and woke up at 2:13. I couldn’t figure out why I was awake. Then I started hearing weird rattling noises and my bed started shaking. The whole house was shaking! The bird downstairs was squawking–he didn’t like an earthquake. I was still half-asleep, but even in that state I still had the urge to go TO THE INTERNET to confirm that what had happened was actually an earthquake. Sure enough, some people had just tweeted about an earthquake. Satisfied, I fell back asleep.

An hour ago, my parents and I started tonight’s episode of SNL. The ghost of Gadhafi started talking, then the room started shaking. We didn’t catch on right away, but soon figured out it was an EARTHQUAKE. When it lasted more than a couple seconds, my dad ran to a door frame! He was not thrilled that my mom and I remained on the couch. I was confident in the belief that Oklahoma earthquakes would not kill me. This earthquake was at least 30 seconds long. And, as with every important event and my previous two earthquakes: TO THE INTERNET.

At least I’m consistent.

Author: lakesidegirl

I am a bilingual children’s librarian at a medium-sized library in the Midwest. in the Children's Department of a Regional Library in the Midwest. I lived in Mexico to learn Spanish in 2013/2014. I care about a lot of things. I love. I learn. I teach. I read. I write. I knit. I travel.

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