Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time Is Here, but only for a few more minutes. Christmas 2009 is almost over.  I am in Ohio where there is no snow.  Oklahoma, where I usually am, had a White Christmas.  Who knew that down south there would be a blizzard while up north there would be…rain. Bing didn’t write I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas for a reason.

Fortunately, my happiness on Christmas is not weather-dependent, so long as everyone is where they are supposed to be and not trapped by the weather.  And this Christmas, everyone was in the proper place.

This Christmas has been lovely.

I need to listen to some more Charlie Brown Christmas before it becomes socially unacceptable to listen to Christmas music.

My brain keeps wanting to add as a postscript: Christ is risen.  Even though we’re celebrating His birth and not His resurrection.  But it’s always a good time to celebrate His resurrection. So, again:

Christ is risen.