Happy Christmas!

I love Christmas. No caveats.
I don’t care who says happy holidays. I ignore those who complain about the practice of giving gifts to people other than Jesus on his birthday (I submit that he’s delighted by the love we show to others through gift-giving, but that’s apparently just me). I don’t care if other people over-commercialize Christmas. Not my problem.

I love Christmas. I love being with family. Decorations. Music. Tasty treats. Thinking up the perfect gifts and watching people open them (or hearing about it over a phone call or skyping about it). Receiving the gifts my family has picked out for me. Three weeks off of work. Doctor Who Christmas specials. Most Christmas specials.
And of course: Jesus. No cliches, no reasons for the season, no banging over the head with Merry Christmas. Just: Happy Birthday Jesus. For one day in our crazy hectic world, everything stops to celebrate you.

Feliz Navidad!

Also, this is my 100th post. I’ve been saving it for something special.

Merry Chri-Chri

I love Christmas. This year, I celebrated Christmas approximately five times.

  • LLH Family Christmas Party
  • Classroom Birthday party for Jesus
  • LLH Staff Christmas Party
  • Crazies Christmas [friend Christmas]
  • Today

This abundance of celebration has not been overwhelming or stressful–instead, it has been a blessing.  I see the work of the Lord in the lives of my friends, family, co-workers, students, and more. It’s been pretty amazing.

So, in the words of one of my beloved students: Merry Chri-Chri.

Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time Is Here, but only for a few more minutes. Christmas 2009 is almost over.  I am in Ohio where there is no snow.  Oklahoma, where I usually am, had a White Christmas.  Who knew that down south there would be a blizzard while up north there would be…rain. Bing didn’t write I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas for a reason.

Fortunately, my happiness on Christmas is not weather-dependent, so long as everyone is where they are supposed to be and not trapped by the weather.  And this Christmas, everyone was in the proper place.

This Christmas has been lovely.

I need to listen to some more Charlie Brown Christmas before it becomes socially unacceptable to listen to Christmas music.

My brain keeps wanting to add as a postscript: Christ is risen.  Even though we’re celebrating His birth and not His resurrection.  But it’s always a good time to celebrate His resurrection. So, again:

Christ is risen.