Waiting Is Hard

I know waiting is hard.

My students’ attention spans can be the size of gnats, so I repeat that statement many, many times over the course of the school day.  Waiting for a turn to spell a name, waiting for snack, waiting for a spot in the bathroom, waiting for another classroom to leave the gym, waiting for an activity to start, waiting for other friends to behave, waiting for lunch, waiting for parents to arrive, and on and on it goes.  They react to waiting in so many different ways: screaming, crying, kicking, talking incessantly, and even running away.  I talk to them over and over again about the difficulty of waiting and that I understand. But they forget, so I keep reminding.

One would think that this perpetual lesson in waiting would help me remember that waiting is a struggle common to all. It’s an inevitable part of life. Sometimes I can handle waiting with no problem, content in the moment.

Other times I just want some things to HAPPEN already. There are so many things on the periphery of my life that I want moved to the center, but they remain stubbornly on the outside. I want to know how to prepare for my next steps since I will not be an assistant forever, but the steps remain hidden.

Patience has never been my strong suit.