In a quest to find a new graduate program, I have discovered what I already knew: Getting a master’s degree in something in which I’m really interested is expensive. Anything remotely ministry-inclined is more than twice as much as the degree I’m quitting. I find this to be ridiculous.  How can master’s degrees in fields specifically non-profit be so expensive?  Hello? I won’t be making any money with this degree?

I don’t want to go into more debt just to get a master’s degree.  But I don’t really see a way around it/  I’ve read a lot about avoiding debt and I’m totally on board with that. It’s just so unavoidable.

I’ve read about how Christian women my age who want to someday get married and eventually stay at home with their kids shouldn’t acquire debt because they won’t be able to pay it off.  There are two problems with that statement to me: someday and eventually.  I’m not going to put off graduate school for someday or eventually.

I believe in being prudent, planning for the future (whoa how I plan), etc, but I don’t believe in just twiddling my thumbs. I have no prospects in the young man department. None. Whatsoever. I’m not waiting around for nothing.  I don’t think God wants me to wait for nothing. I just don’t know what I’m waiting for or what I should do/what I should spend while I’m waiting.

Live every week like it’s shark week [Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock]

Author: lakesidegirl

I am a bilingual children’s librarian at a medium-sized library in the Midwest. in the Children's Department of a Regional Library in the Midwest. I lived in Mexico to learn Spanish in 2013/2014. I care about a lot of things. I love. I learn. I teach. I read. I write. I knit. I travel.

4 thoughts on “Waiting?”

  1. “How can master’s degrees in fields specifically non-profit be so expensive?” Alas, probably because there are no big corporate backers.

    I say go for it! Don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs. Do what will make you happy! And good luck! You don’t sound like someone who’s going into debt lightly. You’re buying an education, not a flashy new car or wardrobe. Usually, that’s worth it.

    1. Yes! My beloved non-profit would never be able to pay for me to get my master’s like a business would. I’d never even think of asking either–me getting a master’s shouldn’t be their high priority.
      And, I’m most definitely going for it–I just don’t know where…That’s what next semester is for, figuring it out.
      Also, maybe once I’m not working full-time AND going to school full-time, I might have time to come back to UU. I may have to pretend like I’m new, because so much has happened in the last year, for all of y’all and me! I miss it.

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